There are many benefits to using a staffing firm to aquire new employees. It doesn't matter if you are looking for temporary employees for a special project, want to hire someone on a contract basis to try them out before hiring them or you just want someone now to fill an essential role within your company. Staffing firms can make this process seamless, easy and quick. Here are four reasons to consider using recruiters to make your work life easier. 

1.       Time is Money  

           Why sift through tons of resumes of nonqualified applicants? With S&R Resources you will                  only see resumes of candidates that meet your criteria.

           Recruiters can schedule appointments, prepare candidates with all the necessary                                 information about your company to cut down on interview time. They can also sift through                 references and qualifications.

          Businesses that use recruiting firms cut down on turnaround time in position fulfillment.                    They do this by conduction background checks, completing drug screenings and verifying                  past employment. 

 2.       Partnership

           Relationship building with your recruiting firm is essential. Once the firm knows your                           company intimately, they understand the qualities that are needed by a candidate that fits                 your culture, making the hiring process easier.

          As partners recruiters will collaborate and will be looking at the market for the qualities you              need to make the right fit within your business. Recruiters are there to help find alternative                solutions for those hard to find skill sets. Recruiters know how to find the best talent,                          salary rates, career expectations and hiring trends.

 3.       Cost Savings

           Recruiting firms remove the cost of one off job advertisements trough job boards, allow                     in-house staff to focus on other duties, reduce potential overtime cost through temporary                 employees and contract candidates and reducing the likelihood of hiring the wrong                             candidate.

 4.       Access to the best talent

          Statistically 84% of job seekers would consider leaving their companies if a better                                opportunity became available and came from a reputable company. Recruiting firms actively            search for these passive candidates. Most likely candidates that are looking want a trusted              advisor to only positon them in front of opportunities that are the right fit.

          Candidates are more likely to use recruiting firms because of their efficiency. Recruiters                      know which job boards to post certain positions. This comes from invaluable knowledge                   due to working in the recruitment industry.

         Recruiters network- professional working in a specific sector know others in that sector that             may be in the market for something new. Basically, recruiters know people that you may not             have access to because you don’t have the time to attend networking events for each role                 you need to fill.

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